Make Me Smile – Version 4.5 – Apple Watch Support!

Make Me Smile now brings smileness to your Apple Watch!

Smiles are just a glance away! With your Apple Watch you can view your smile picture any time you want, and if you set reminders to make you smile, your Make Me Smile notification will bring a grin to your face! Better yet, add Make Me Smile to your glances for easier smallness.

As always, the Make Me Smile app will make you smile.
• Choose what picture or song makes you smile.
• Smile when you want.
• Be reminded to smile.
• Share your smileness.

Make Me Smile is also a universal app so you can have smileness for both your iPhone and iPad, and if you have an Apple Watch, smileness is only a glance away!

Easy to set up, simple to use, MAKE ME SMILE will bring a smile to your face every time because you are the one who chooses what makes YOU smile!

It’s important to smile in life – MAKE ME SMILE is there to help!