Do you want to keep track of an upcoming wedding, anniversary, pregnancy, or other event? Did you ever want to put a wacky mirror frame on your screen? Remember those X-Ray glasses in the back of a comic book? And did you ever just wish your iPhone or iPod touch was a “concert lighter” and not some crazy flashlight? With the power of the COUNTDOWN CLOCKORRAYTER you get all of that, all in one convenient app! But wait, there’s more! There’s also the bonus of a “Hand Warmer / Hand Cooler,” where, with the power of suggestion, your hands can be any temperature they desire!


  • CLOCK – It’s a countdown CLOCK!
  • OR – It’s a mirrOR frame!
  • RAY – It shows the insides of a person like those x-RAY glasses!
  • TER – It’s a “concert lighTER”!

And don’t forget the bonus “Hand Warmer/Hand Cooler”!

It’s your friend! !t’s your buddy! It’s for entertainment!


Opening ScreenCountdown Clock ScreenMirror Selection ScreenHand Warmer & Cooler ScreenConcert Lighter Screen