Some of our Apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Make Me Smile

The Make Me Smile app is here to bring you happiness, or at least a smile, at the touch of a button.


It’s a countdown CLOCK! It’s a mirrOR frame! It’s x-RAY glasses! It’s a concert lighTER! It’s more! It’s CLOCKORRAYTER!

Just Push Up

The Just Push Up app reminds you to do your push-ups when it’s convenient for you, and share your success, too.

Just Sit Up

It’s not that hard to do a lot of sit-ups if you do them a few at a time, spread through your day. Let Just Sit Up help!

Barlesque IV

The official app for Barlesque IV, the online strip-a-thon benefitting Test Postitive Aware Network (TPAN).