Inspire My Awesome

For years I made a list of things I could use to inspire me. It might be word of praise by a colleague or a point of criticism on which I could grow, it might be a fitness goal or a healthier diet plan. The problem was I never went back and looked at the list.

What a waste of a great list of inspiration!

I also heard a Tim Ferriss podcast one day where he mentioned a jar his then girlfriend made for him called the Jar of Awesome. In it he would put things that excited him, and when he would look at the jar, well, you can’t help but get excited about the amount of awesome in the jar.

Looking for a new app idea, I combined the two and created Inspire My Awesome. You can enter things that inspire you or just things that you find awesome, and instead of just a jar on a shelf or a list you never look at, the Inspire My Awesome app will give you a notification of things awesome or one of your own bits of inspiration.

If you have a small list the app is free, but if you want to enter lots of things that are awesome or inspire you, there’s a slight fee.

Go ahead and quit forgetting the things you want to inspire you, or things you find awesome, get the Inspire My Awesome app today!