Songs by Andy

A bunch of years ago I started singing songs. I suppose that’s not that weird.

My wife still thinks my songs are funny!

What is weird is that I was singing songs in my car and then texted them to my wife.

It started with a story on a local radio station both my wife and I heard about a dude who left songs on his wife’s voicemail. My wife wondered why I didn’t sing her songs and leave them on her voicemail. Then I sang her a song and texted it to her. Then I sang her another and texted it to her. Then I accidentally texted the song to my sister instead of my wife.

My sister wanted to see the songs I sing to my wife, so I started a YouTube channel.

Most of the songs are silly. Some of the songs are about love. Almost all of the songs, so far, are sung in my car before I go into the office.

She still laughs at them, so I keep singing them. Go ahead and watch one or a couple, you might laugh, too. Or just think I’m weird. Either case is fine.